The Bribbblisation of Design

“It’s still too rare to witness a designer talk about how their work maps to a mission, drives a vision forward, or how it is placed within product architecture, with the weight that these things deserve. This should be the norm, not the exception.”

Most of this article made me think that a lot of people, including some designers themselves, associate design with pure visual art. People who I talk to are often confused when I tell them that my project team is designing a system for having healthy food on campus while eliminating the lines. I think a big part might come from the observation mentioned in the article, that a lot of designers post images of the beauty and visual look of their design and they never white a single sentence about the problem they were solving, or the challenges they faced, and the decisions they made.

Another thing to point out is that in our first year of the Design program at Western we focused a lot on how to make things pretty. We never introduced case studies, or process documentation until the upper-division classes. It is like we started learning from the fourth level and climbed down to the first later on. I think we should be introduced to problem solving earlier on in our education.




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