Gentry Underwood Video

The interview was very informative and thoughtful. A big topic that Gentry touched on was collaboration. I liked his perspective on solving problems. He said that there are problems that we don’t know the solution to because we haven’t learned to work effectively enough together. He emphasized on the importance to look at the problem with people with a different perspective of the world in order to move forward and ideate quickly. I think this related to our group work on our current project. Two heads think better than one. Unity means power, and I think I experience that every time we work successfully in a group. It moves fast, unexpected ideas arise and are filtered quickly because together we can easily test each one and more forward.

Another thing he mentioned is constructive criticism. If a critique is just negative and kills the team’s motivation of improvement and progress, than that critique is useless. When criticizing something and saying that is bad, you need to have a follow up on why and how it can be made better. You should not just find things that are wrong without standing behind your criticism and contribute to solving the problem.


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