Service Design 101

What’s different about service design compared to the other kinds of design that you’ve experienced?  What’s more or less important?

When you enter a store you experience many touch points before exiting. You experience that brand identity, the overall feeling of the space, the organization, the way employees treat you, the easiness you accomplish your goals. You pay for the service and exit. You will keep coming back to that store only if the experience it offered is better than the experience at another store you have been to.

That’s what I imagined while reading the article. There are many different products and people participating into making all that you encounter. Service design blends the human and digital interaction. It takes everything and makes a system out of it so that it works in the best possible way and provides the user with that great final experience and satisfaction.

Service design does not focus on one thing, such as a website, but rather looks at the whole scope of a customer’s interaction.



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