User Testing of Rough Comps

I tested three individuals, who were strangers and were not familiar with my work. The users were asked to look at weather information about a current location, a information about the weather at Mt. Baker.  To summarize, all users successfully navigated through the app and managed to complete the following tasks:

  1. Finding forecast for specific location.
  2. Reading the information provided on the screen and relating it to their activities.
  3. Finding forecast  for “today”,  “tomorrow”, and “10 days”.
  4. Reading the hourly forecast for current and future part of the day.
  5. Changing units by picking between Celsius and Fahrenheit, feet and meters.

Users commented on finding the secondary information useful and not distracting.

Potential area to fix something was the option for allergies. While the tested users did not have allergies, they claim that their friends, who are allergic, do not rely on the weather forecast to be informed. They are prepared for allergic reactions, regardless of the weather.

Links to videos of user testing. Not a great angle, because it was a spontaneous testing, but the user’s choices and thinking are clear.

User 1

User 2

User 3


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