nKyle is sitting at home playing video games. He wants to use the grill in the backyard to make dinner tonight, but it has been cloudy all day. Kyle opens the weather app on his phone to quickly check if it’s going to rain in the next couple of hours

Jena wakes up in the morning to go to work. She wants to wear her new skirt, so she checks the weather app to see how warm it is going to be today. At work she sees in her schedule that she has a day off tomorrow. She wants to go on an easy hike with her family but wonders if the weather would allow.  She opens up the weather app again and searches for tomorrow’s forecast in the Discovery Park area in Seattle.

It’s January. Mike lives in Vancouver, BC. He is tired of the city and  wants to go skiing with his friends at Whistler Ski Resort. The news has recently been reporting heavy snowfalls and ice hazards, so Mike opens up his weather app and searches for weather conditions at Whistler. He wants to know how much snow has accumulated, if there are storm alerts and hazardous road conditions.

Bob is a proud farmer who lives in Fresno, CA – one of the top four counties in agricultural sales in the US. It is June and it is usually very hot and dry. Bob needs to know if there is rain approaching, or maybe a surprising thunderstorm, otherwise he has to irrigate his crops. He opens the weather app and looks at the forecast for the week.

Summer in Miami! It’s hot and sunny, time to go to the beach. Katie wants to know how hot it is outside and what today’s UV index is. Also, the beach warning flag constantly changes, why go to the beach if she can’t get in the water? She wants to find out what the nearshore conditions are (safe, high hazard, extreme). She opens the weather app on her phone to find out.


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