User Research


User Interviews



Conclusions and patterns

Activities affected by weather  –   travelling, camping, days off.  Activities appear to be an incentive for checking the weather forecast.

Priority of Information  –  daily weather at a specific location. Hourly forecast has higher priority  and is more trusted by users. It is important whether it is sunny or cloudy and how warm it is. Detailed information like wind, air pressure and humidity has no importance and is not searched for or utilized in any way.

Syncing with other apps  –  this idea seems unpleasant to must of the interviewed users. It is viewed as intrusive, unnecessary and event useless, since they can check the weather whenever they need to.

Notification  –  users hate notifications, unless it is an alert and really deserves their attention. Default notifications are annoying and distracting.

Overall the weather apps, even in their current minimalistic form, seem to have excess information. The users are not using any of the features that weather apps currently offer, all they want is to just find the icon and the number that tells them what the weather is. They don’t want the weather app to communicate with them about anything else other than emergencies.






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