Competitor Research

How have others solved similar problems?  What’s successful?  What patterns and trends are there? Identify opportunities and document ideas.


Clean Design, Detailed Information

This first set of weather apps have a few features in common. It’s easy to identify the location and the current temperature and weather it’s sunny/cloudy/rainy. Also there is a line curve indicating the temperature and/or rainfall  change throughout the day. There is additional information about humidity, wind etc.

One of the app designs has information about the following days of the week, while the rest of them have information only about “today”. I am making an assumption by saying that most people would probably want a sneak peak of the forecast for a few days ahead.

There is an opportunity in combining a few of these features for a main information page that is not too cluttered. For example, current weather and temp/rain curve, and a row of thumbnails of future forecast.

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Use of Illustrations

These examples have decided to use illustrations instead of icons. Is that good or bad? I think it looks cute and engaging, but as to functionality, I am not sure on how recognizable it is by everyone and if it communicates the weather as fast as little conventional icons do. Also, if there is an illustration of the city/place instead, wouldn’t that be hard to utilize in big scale, after all in practice, it is a matter of so many cities, not just five or six of them.

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A Step Further

The Weather Bug app goes further by connecting the weather to your lifestyle. A con might be that there is so much information on the main page, all kind of weather news, climate maps and so on.

Thoughtful integration of lifestyle needs like pollen allergies, sports activities and game days. The app tell you which day of the week would be good for running for example. There is an opportunity for making those tips more intuitive – having the app make a suggestion for you or giving you notification when change in weather can affect you plans.

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