Initial Ideas

By looking at mobile weather apps I can make the conclusion that most of them do achieve one thing – the user can figure out the current weather at a specific location and can get an estimated forecast about 5-10 days in the future. In either way, it’s just visualization of data, you go on the app, you check it, you get out.

Can we apply the information about the weather in a different way that instead of being just data, it connects with out personal activities and daily tasks?

Weather is very unpredictable and  keeps changing hour to hour. How can we use the app to respond to the change in forecast, and inform us if that change would affect any of our plans or routines for a certain day? The weather app can easily sync with your personal online calendar where you set up meetings and activities, with specified date, time, and location, and it can notify you weather change in weather can affect you plans. For example, if you set up an event for an outdoor concert on Friday evening, and the weather appears to be rainy at that time and location, the app can notify you to take an umbrella or a rain coat to stay dry. Little informed suggestions can improve decision making and time management.

What if you go on to check the weather and the app has the ability to learn about your interests and give a subtle suggestion about some events or activities in the area that you can do or be a part of. That would definitely make it easier to make plans and discover new places.


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